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Junk Removal Temple Terrace

Why Choose Us?

At S&E Cleaning Services, our #1 job is making sure that every client is happy with our junk removal services. We will haul away any junk you throw at us. 

We are not a big franchise company, we are a locally owned company based in Tampa, FL.
Thank you for supporting our local business.
We really appreciate our clients.

We have been providing junk removal and junk hauling for customers in Temple Terrace area for more than 5+ years.
We are dedicated ensuring that all of our customers get what they need done.

No job is too small or too big for our junk removal company. 
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Our Services

Property Cleanouts Services in S & E Cleaning Services LLC

Property Cleanouts Temple Terrace

Ever wondered what it will be like when all the junk is gone?
Well, don't wait any longer till it's too late. Let us do all of the hard work for you and we will remove all the junk for you!

Debris Removal in S & E Cleaning Services

Debris Removal Temple Terrace

Remodeling your home? Let us take care of all the junk everywhere. We remove all types of junk, construction waste, debris, yard waste, and old scraps.

Junk Removal Tampa in S & E Cleaning Services

Junk Removal Temple Terrace

Our junk removal company is licensed and insured. We know what we are doing. We will make sure that every job is done the right way every time!

Garage Cleanout Services in S & E Cleaning Services

Garage Cleanouts Temple Terrace

Wife mad that the garage is not cleaned? Let her come home to a empty and cleaned out garage! Don't let be too late when cockroaches and other pests enter your garage! They love cluttered and messy areas.

House Painting Tampa in S & E Cleaning Services

House Painting Temple Terrace

We understand that you have little to no time for your side projects when you come home from work. Let us take care of all the side projects you want done today!

Foreclosure Cleanouts Services in S & E Cleaning Services

Foreclosure Cleanouts Temple Terrace

We work with a bunch of foreclosure cleanouts in Hillsborough County. We can come the same day you called, we will take care of everything you need done!

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    Junk Hauling Temple Terrace

    Let our small business take better care of you than the big franchises companies.

    Our junk removal company is always here to help, residential or commercial.



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    Zip Codes for Temple Terrace Junk Removal: 33617, 33637, 33687


    We understand that it is always better to do things by yourself.
    But do you have enough time to do all of that?

    We understand going through life daily is difficult and you don’t have much time on your hand. Enjoy your day off or your weekend off and let us take care of all your long-due projects or cleanouts

    By letting us do all the hard work, you have more time to spend with your friends and family and have more time for yourself.

    Save the strain on your back. Many large items require multiple people to carry because of their weight. Attempting to haul or carry heavy items can strain or injure your back.
    Let our team of professionals take care of all the hard work. 
    Some types of items require disassembling before you can remove them.

    We are Brandon’s #1 Junk Removal Service & Hauling. We provide affordable removal services for Brandon, Tampa and the surrounding area residents.

    Looking to get junk removal services?

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    • Old Furniture
    • Old or Broken Appliances
    • Tires
    • Electronic Waste
    • Old or Broken Toys
    • Waste Removal
    • Yard Removal
    • Old Clothing
    • Storage Boxes
    • Power Tools And Equipment
    • Construction Debris
    • Old Grills
    • Office Chairs & Desks
    • Bagged Trash
    • Old Treadmills & Weights
    • Mattresses and Bed or Bed Frames
    • Automotive Parts

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    Yes, our business deals only with licensed businesses, and insured we are a small business located in Tampa, FL. We always make our customers are always happy.

    Our company S&E Cleaning Services absolutely can! We can come within the same day and get all of your junk out of your way asap!

    Our mission is always 100% customer satisfaction.
    We will make sure to work hard to make our customers happy every time.

    Please give us a call if you have any questions.